AK-Flex insulation tape is a black closed cell elastomeric thermal insulation tape for insulation pipes and fittings. It is used to retard heat gain and control condensation drip on domestic cold-water, chilled-water, and other cold piping and fittings, and to reduce heat loss when applied to hot-water lines that operate up to 176°F (80°C). It is perfectly suited for insulating short lengths of pipe and fittings in congested or hard-to-reach areas.
AK-Flex 2” wide insulation tape may also be used in conjunction with tube and sheet insulation.



• Fiber-free
• Moisture resistant
• No bands, wires, or additional adhesive needed
• Great for hard to reach areas

Thickness—3mm(1/8”), 5mm(1/5”)
Width—25mm(1”), 50mm(2”)
Length—9.14m(30’), 10m(32.8’)

Insulation Tape provides a fast, easy method of insulating pipes and fittings.
• Hot and cold pipes and fittings
• Hard to reach areas
• Recommended for short runs